Environmental Policy Statement

Delta Global (the company) is committed to minimising where practicable the impact on the environment in relation to the company’s business activities. As part of the company’s commitment to environmental performance, an Environmental Management System shall be maintained in-line with the internationally recognised environmental standard, ISO 14001.

It is our policy to:

  • Carry out and maintain an Environmental Aspects and Impact evaluation identifying any significant aspects of the company’s business activities
  • Comply with the applicable compliance obligations and other requirements in relation to environmental matters
  • Specifically prevent pollution but also to protect the environment where our business activities may have an impact subject to commercial factors, client and other interested party requirements or expectations
  • Monitor and seek to reduce resource usage
  • Ensure the environment performance of our suppliers is assessed and that buying decisions where appropriate take into consideration environmental impacts
  • Establish environmental objectives and targets, reviewing our performance against those objectives as part of our management review processes
  • Seek continual improvement in the company’s environmental management system and its environmental performance with consideration to lifecycle and sustainability
  • Ensure employees and those working with Delta Global act in accordance with this policy and the company’s Environmental Management System and have the relevant competences to fulfil their environmental responsibilities
  • Foster a sense of responsibility for the environment amongst our employees and contractors with consideration for interested parties including the local community

The CEO shall be responsible for implementation and annual review of this policy and for ensuring that it remains relevant. However, it is the responsibility of every employee to ensure that Delta Global adheres to the commitments set out in this policy statement.


Robert Lockyer


October 2019

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