5 Reasons Why Your Packaging Is More Important Than Your Products

Why Your Packaging Is More Important Than Your Products
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Thursday, 10 October 2019

When it comes to giving and receiving gifts, is it really a case of what is on the inside that matters the most? 

With more and more people getting excited about the packaging that gifts and products arrive in, this got us thinking about the power of packaging and just how important it really is.

Why is Packaging so Important?

Companies are becoming increasingly aware that they need to impress their customers with not just a great product, but even better packaging. 

Whether a product has been purchased online or in-store, the packaging is the first thing the customer sees, and it often leaves them with a lasting impression. This impression will go on to further reflect the product and the entire brand.

The importance of packing has become more important over recent years, with an influx of people sharing 'gift opening' and 'unboxing' moments across social media. This rising trend is showcasing that brand packaging can be an incredibly powerful marketing tool.

Packaging is often overlooked and is something that many business owners don't recognise. Many businesses often opt for the cheapest and fastest solution and don't quite believe that you can create something amazing and still make it worthwhile sending the product out. As the CEO of Delta Global, I believe that the packaging is often more impactful than the product itself and here's why...

Five reasons why your product packaging matters.

1. An Element of Theatre

Packaging creates suspense and excitement. When people see a beautifully packaged product, it entices them to open it and creates an element of theatre. 

Aerin theatrical packaging Delta Global

I always refer to the film Pretty Woman as an example as to why I believe packaging trumps the gift itself. The scene in which Julia Robert is presented with a suede navy jewellery box - it is at that moment that she knows something special is inside. 

The luxury finish of the packaged gift builds anticipation and creates that exact element of theatre and excitement. If the gift was wrapped in plain brown paper or tissue paper, the suspense would no longer be there as opposed to more premium, luxury packaging.

2. Everyone Loves a Personal Touch

Personalisation is such a huge thing in today's society. It is a very effective way of marketing and with the technology that is now available, people almost expect to receive something personal to them. 

Personalised packaging serves as social bait, encouraging consumers to boast about the product online and in person. However, it would be impossible for brands to package all products by hand and hand-write a personal message, so this needs to be done in other ways.

For example, luxury clothing giant Ted Baker include a small card in all purchases signed with 'Love, Ted x'. Small touches such as this, make huge companies feel more local and creates a small emotional connection with consumers.

Tiffany & Co is just one premium brand that excels at creating emotions with their classic Tiffany blue colour packaging.

3. Sustainability and Reusability

Here at Delta Global, we pride ourselves on the sustainability and reusability of our packaging solutions. All of our packaging designs are created with these two factors in mind, thinking beyond the presentation of the gift.

We believe brands need to become more aware of the re-usability of their product packaging to ensure that consumers don't discard it after being opened.

Many brands do this right and many consumers often hold onto the packaging of products, especially those that are slightly more luxurious and can find another use for it elsewhere. This then increases its life cycle, meaning there is less waste going into the environment, making it more ethical and sustainable.

White Stuff boxes Delta Global

Today, consumers are more conscious about their carbon footprint and being green than ever before and the product packaging is at the forefront of their minds. 

As people continue to shop online, they are becoming increasingly aware of product packaging and the potential damage it could do to the world we live in.

Although packaging can look pretty, if it isn't reusable or eco-friendly, then consumers may not purchase from the brand again for that very reason. Therefore, it is essential for brands to consider the type of packaging they want to create, with a sustainable future in mind.

4. Stand Out From the Crowd

Packaging is another way of building and marketing your brand. Therefore, you must ensure that your brand values are immersed through everything you do, right down to the packaging.

Why not try to create something iconic? Tiffany & Co have made an entire brand out of the way they market their products. The infamous 'little blue box' made the brand's identity is what made them stand out from the crowd and go on to be known worldwide. 

What's more, influencers have quite literally made a career out of unboxing their gifts across social media - a completely different marketing strategy. If the packaging excites viewers, they will continue watching and maybe even become a customer themselves. 

Create something that consumers will remember and will make them want to choose you - not just because of your products, but your packaging, too.

5. Caring About Your Packaging

If you care about the way in which your products are packaged, you can find ways to be more efficient and cost-effective in the way you deliver your products whilst still being innovative.

This is less about consumers and more so about how you as a business can stop your packaging from getting damaged, wasting space and using unnecessary materials. 

As a company, you will want to save money as well as space and one way of doing that is through innovative product packaging. If the packaging is large, bulky and can't be easily stored away, this can slow down the production and delivery process.

Having packaging that is easy to store away and that doesn't take up too much room in warehouses can make a huge difference, saving a lot of time and money - this can have a huge positive impact on your business.

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