Delta Global Intelligence

Delta Global Intelligence

A global game-changer in supply chain management

This unique business intelligence platform lets you harness the benefits of data processing and machine learning technologies. Make informed decisions and save valuable time and resources with our bespoke supply chain management tool, designed specifically for luxury packaging.

Delta Intelligence Summary Dashboard

Empowered decisions

The fully-integrated dashboard enables you to see all the data you need to make informed decisions, fast. A clean design arranges and presents information from three key areas in your supply chain management: stock, forecast and product

Delta Global Intelligence Dashboard

The unique online portal covers three main areas

Stock overview

Stock overview

A detailed stock position at all locations.

  • Stock cover / Run Out weeks / days
  • Detailed live stock analysis at all locations
  • Live WIP reporting
Forecast overview

Forecast overview

Forecast vs actual can be clearly defined here to establish future needs.

  • Full demand planning tools
  • All report formats can be fully customised
Product overview

Product overview

View year on year usages or spend compared by product.

  • Detailed forecast to spend reporting
  • Detailed usage by product location
  • Forecast vs sales by product / category / location
Delta Global Intelligence Solution

A sustainable solution

Built-in AI technology learns and understands data and patterns in stock use to improve just-in-time logistics. By monitoring the spikes and drops in usage, any ongoing trends can be identified and stock forecasts automated. This prevents issues involving undersupply and oversupply, minimising waste and improving efficiency to create a more sustainable supply chain

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