Delta Global Originals

Delta Originals Packaging

A new era of packaging solutions

Consisting of a range of entirely unique and specially designed packaging solutions, the Delta Global Originals collection features 10 newly designed products, from box bags, satchel boxes and gorgeous gift boxes, providing brands with innovative and exciting new ways to engage with their clients through the art of product packaging.

The Valise Luxury Packaging Delta Global

The Valise

The Maverick Luxury Box Packaging

The Maverick

The Regent Luxury Packaging

The Regent

The Delsey Luxury Packaging

The Delsey

The Firefly Luxury Packaging

The Firefly

The Bronte Luxury Packaging

The Brontë

The Paddington Luxury Packaging


The Beaumont Luxury Packaging

The Beaumont

The Future Box Luxury Packaging

Future Box

The Milton Luxury Box Packaging

The Milton

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