Delta Global Creates Sustainable Packaging Solution for MATCHESFASHION

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Thursday, 27 May 2021

Founded in 1987, MATCHESFASHION has grown into a global, luxury clothing retailer, supplying premium brands including Gucci, Balenciaga, Saint Laurent and Celine. 

As MATCHESFASHION expanded, their commitment to responsible business practices intensified, with sustainability becoming a key performance concern.  

Delta Global was tasked with broadening these commitments, reducing the retailer’s environmental footprint. To do so, Delta Global aimed to reimagine the production of its two iconic, marbled packages.  

The Brief from MATCHESFASHION to Delta Global  

MATCHESFASHION packaging is central to its brand identity. The expressionist marble design patterns have become an immediate signifier of the MATCHESFASHION luxury ethos.  

Retaining this design was essential. But the removal of the magnetic closure system was to be rethought.  

In their present state, the marbled Eco Luxe box’s reusability was compromised by the inclusion of the magnets. 

An expressed objective was to maintain packaging security, integrating an entirely sustainable approach, without impairing MATCHESFASHION’s luxury principles.  

Additionally, it was crucial that, on receiving the packaging, the customer understood that both boxes incorporated completely recyclable materials.  

matchesfashion sustainable boxing championsuk

The Packaging Solution from Delta Global   

We worked closely with the MATCHESFASHION team to develop a removal technique using perforation points in the box. Once a customer detaches the now-removable magnets, the box can be flattened, recycled, or reused. To achieve this, we utilised our bespoke technology, the Delta Global Removable Magnet System®. 

Made from FSC certified materials with a water-based finish, the completely recyclable nature of the box was achieved without compromise to luxury aesthetics or immediate brand recognition.  

We also ensured all its smaller packaging components, such as notes and returns slips, were responsibly sourced and completely sustainable.  

The packaging communicates its reliability and ethical sourcing to the customer, viewable immediately on opening the boxes.

  matchesfashion sustainable boxing championsuk

The Results  

The new packaging is the most visible, customer-facing element of MATCHESFASHION’s responsible business aspirations.  

The inclusion of messaging to inform the customer of sustainable credentials means those aspirations are communicated directly and concisely.  

The boxes have become a key component in reducing the brand’s carbon footprint, and incorporating comprehensive, eco-friendly ideals throughout the entirety of the business.  

For more information on our range of sustainable luxury packaging, contact the Delta Global team today. 


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